Friday, November 1, 2013

Seminar „Landscape and coloniality“
This Sunday, 10th of November, 12.00, Tartu Art Museum (Raekoja plats 18)

The etymology of „landscape“ leads back to 16th century that has been considered as the starting point of Western modernity and its darker side – coloniality, which is a concept of modern world system, based on legacies of colonialism. Coloniality reaches from economy and geopolitical power to production of knowledge and subjectivity, from perception to gender and sexuality. 
The seminar gathers theoretical and artistic positions in the context of landscape painting exhibition „Between Forest and the Sea. Estonian nature painting“ in Tartu Art Museum. The aim of the seminar is to observe landscape as a form of representation, based on a certain geopolitical reality, as well as a subject and subjectivity with knowledge and perception that are shaped by colonial matrix of power. The concept of decoloniality that has been introduced by South-American thinkers aims to delink from colonial matrix of power through thinking and doing. Decolonial aesthetics as a part of decoloniality is oriented to emancipate human perception from aesthetics. The artistic positions that are presented by the seminar may and may not change their relation to the initial concept, as the seminar constitutes an open environment, based on discussion.

Seminar „Landscape and coloniality“ is the first chapter of the parallel project “Artist in the House” initiated by Rael Artel, which aim is to invite artists to reflect on the ongoing activities in Tartu Art Museum and to generate alternative views and attitudes towards dominant normality.

Curated and moderated by Tanel Rander (artist, PhD student of Estonian Art Academy)

Participants: Liisa Kaljula (art historian, The Art Museum of Estonia), Karolina Kubik (artist, Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland), Erkki Luuk (artist, University of Tartu), Kaia Otstak (artist, Tallinn University), Tanel Rander (artist, Estonian Art Academy), Kadri Tüür (literary theorist, University of Tartu)

The seminar takes place on 2nd floor of Tartu Art Museum (Raekoja plats 18). Admission by museum tickets (full price 2 eur, discount ticket 1 eur).
The seminar will be in Estonian and in English, and is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.

Since 11.30 introductory-performance by Kaia Otstak
Theoretical part:
Tanel Rander: The relation between landscape representation and coloniality, in the context of history and contemporary geopolitical reality
Liisa Kaljula: On Soviet modernity and why Estonian artists went to the countryside under late Socialism
Kadri Tüür: The ideological aspects of textual (incl. visual) representation of nature - who`s identities are thereby created and how?
14.00 coffee break
Artistic part:
Kaia Otstak: Landscape and sexuality - what is the meaning of "landscape" and what does it signify, if its reception is bodily?
Karolina Kubik: Durational performance and presentation "Wounds of the Hill" – Landscape units, related with observations and conquest, through the rhetorics of human body. Peripheric Poland and its destroyed self-reception. 
Erkki Luuk: The introduction of the szuceczisz of birch. (The problematics of subject and subjectivity)
16.00 - Conclusive discussion